Travel News 23rd October 2017

Myanmar: interfaith prayer rallies across Myanmar 17,24,31 October.
Cambodia: nationwide weather warning for heavy rainfall 13-22 October.
Thailand: Funeral ceremonies for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej from 25th-29th October, large security presence and traffic disruptions expected in Bangkok.
India: Nationwide transport strike 9th-10th October.
Greece: West Nile Virus in areas of Peloponnese and Western Greece.
Thailand: Election announced for Nov 2018
Indonesia: Bali raised alert level for Mount Agung following increased volcanic activity.
India: severe flooding impacting Mumbai and surrounding areas
Thailand & Vietnam: heavy rainfall forecast causes flooding
Kenya: Election annulled by judges
Myanmar: increase in cases of Dengue Fever & Violence in Rakhine province
Thailand: Severe floooding in NE provinces
Venezuela: Further violent anti govenrment protests 
Sri Lanka: Outbreak of Dengue Fever
Brazil: Yellow Fever outbreak in Minas Gerais
Fiji: Dengue Fever outbreak.





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