Travel News 18th August 2017

India Sub Continent: Monsoon flooding kills over 250 people
Thailand: southern rainfall forecast for northern provinces, flooding expected 
Kenya: Kenyatta wins election, some post election violence
Myanmar: Monks stage anti govenment protests
Mexico & Belize: Storm Franklin expect to cause flooding & high wind Yucatan area 7 - 10 Aug
Myanmar: increase in cases of Dengue Fever
Thailand: Severe floooding in NE provinces
Rwanda: President Kigame is re-elected
China: Heat warning for eastern provinces
Israel: Tension high in Jersualem following fatal stabbings
Central America: rainy season June to November
Venezuela: Further violent anti govenrment protests 
Sri Lanka: Outbreak of Dengue Fever
Brazil: Yellow Fever outbreak in Minas Gerais
Fiji: Dengue Fever outbreak.



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