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Who are Objective?

Objective Travel Safety specialises in training a wide range of professionals & individuals prior to their travels. Since 2002,  we have been running Hostile Environment Safety Courses for journalists deploying to conflict zones, we currently have a contract with the European Broadcast Union http://www.ebu.ch/en/hr_training/training/index_new.php and have run courses for most of the UK's print and TV media. We also run courses for NGOs and multi national companies sending employees to post conflict countries. In addition, courses are also available to expeditions and Objective trained Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman before both the Long Way Round & Long Way Down motor bike expeditions.    

The increasing need for safety awareness for young travellers led to the creation of the Gap Safety course. In one day, students are given advice, warnings and responses to various situations they may face while travelling. The course is designed to teach the individual how to evaluate situations so they can avoid trouble and to give them the confidence to get off the beaten track and explore; i.e make the most of their gap year. The course had been running now for 7 years.

Objective are:

Charlie McGrath MBE
A wonderful paradox of a safety specialist and highly entertaining teacher. He spent his two gap years in South America & Asia; then 15 years in the Army serving in Northern Ireland, Africa, Middle East and Central America . He has travelled extensively as a civilian on every continent (including Antarctica ). His never- exhausting repartee of travelling experiences adds humour and first hand experience to the courses.

Eleanor John
Eleanor spent her gap year travelling throughout Central and South America  and has since indulged her passion for the outdoors by backpacking in the US, Europe and Tibet. Professionally she has been involved in several geo-science research expeditions to remote parts of SW China, Mexico and Eastern Europe.  

Claire Price

Claire spent a large proportion of her early years running around barefoot in Uganda where her father lived. Escorted soley by her 18 year old sister she embarked on a month long back packing adventure around Uganda, Kenya, and Congo aged 10! On leaving school she took off to South and Central America and has since travelled around SE Asia, partsof India and Europe      

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton MVO MBE
20 years service with the Irish Guards and SAS; specialist knowledge of South America, the Middle and Far East . Jamie established the course with Charlie in 2002 and now acts as a consultant.

Course Availability

(held in London)

  • Tue 23 Dec 14 1
  • Tue 06 Jan 15 1
  • Wed 07 Jan 15 0
  • Tue 13 Jan 15 10
  • Wed 14 Jan 15 6
  • Thu 22 Jan 15 6
  • Tue 27 Jan 15 9
  • Tue 10 Feb 15 12
  • Tue 24 Feb 15 12
  • [More Dates]

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