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The course was launched in 2002 and quickly established itself as a very useful course for the inexperienced traveller. It's all about thinking safe and being aware of the different conditions that one might face abroad. Many of the strategies and tips are drawn from the work and courses we run for journalists and NGOs.

Acclaimed Travel and Safety Courses for Gap Year Students

Objective Gap Safety was the first company to run dedicated Gap Year Travel and Safety courses and remains the market leader. The acclaimed course is not just about safety, we are determined that the individual makes the most of their travels, get 'off the beaten track' and explore. So, during the day we will also cover understanding key cultural and religious issues, getting on with the locals, how to take money abroad, catching taxis, getting the weather right and much more.

Whilst called a Safety Course for those on a gap year, many of those attending are also post-university students.

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Prepare and be Safe whilst Travelling Abroad

We teach young people how to prepare for their gap year and year out and how to deal with problems they may face. Our intention is to help them recognise danger by teaching them to think on their feet and interpret the situations confronting them - without terrifying the living daylights out of them.

A Fun and Interactive Course

The course is delivered by means of interactive scenarios and role-play, lectures and hands-on learning.  Our instructors have an excellent understanding of young travellers and flavour the course with tales of scrapes and situations they themselves have encountered. We believe with a little thought, many misfortunes can be avoided.

Unbiased Advice

The course also offer the opportunity to discuss great places to visit, how to book, merits of travelling independently or with a Gap Year provider and anything else. In addition, do call us, night or day, if you need advice whilst travelling. Over the last 10 years over 2,500 travellers have attended our course and we have captured much of their tales, both good and bad, which we pass on during the day.

Our one-day courses are held weekly in London at The Troubadour  near Earl's Court and West Brompton tube stations and occasionally at other UK-wide locations. Directions to Troubadour

Private courses are also available on request. Contact us for more details.

Gap Year Travel and Safety Awareness Course - Price per Student: £165

Times: 9.30am to 4.30pm. This includes a buffet lunch, cold drinks and tea and coffee. Each student will also be issued with travellers notes at the end of the course.

Special Offer: Book 4 places and 1 goes FREE

Call 01788 899029 to process this offer.

Skype Call Option

In the event of someone not being able to attend a course, we offer a two-hour Skype call option at a cost of £95, where the essentials to safe travel, backpacking abroad and gap year travel advice will be explained. You should be aware that this option is not as effective as the face to face one day training course.

Course Content

An overview of the areas we will discuss in depth, to maximise safety whilst backpacking or travelling on a year out:

 Before you Go

 Researching your destination:
 Security advice & terrorism risk
 Health issues & disease prevention
 culture, religion & laws
 Insurance & money
 How to keep in touch

 What to Take

 Kit, clothes
 Safety gadgets
 First-aid kits
 Electrical items e.g. mobiles, cameras
 - what to take
 - how to pack
 Security of your possessions

 Over There

 Budgeting, money options &
  changing money
 Safe food & water
 Dealing with authorities
 Where and how to get help

 Getting About

 Travelling safely; buses, trains, taxis etc.
 Checking out people you meet
 Survival navigation
 Dealing with corrupt officials

 Medical Issues

 Emergency first-aid
 Staying healthy
 Climatic injuries
 Bugs, bites and bowels

 For Girls... By a Girl

Discussion of common female concerns abroad: sexual harassment, appropriate dress code etc.

 Keeping Safe

 Knowing the dangers from
 muggings to kidnapping

 Options if caught in a terrorist attack
 Surviving extremes; earthquakes,
 avalanches, fire, rip-currents, etc.
 Drugs and alcohol