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It's Worked

We hope that our back-packers have safe trips, however we are pleased to hear that those who have encountered danger have been well equiped thanks to our courses.

Costa Rica - Armed Robbery
Girl attended Objective course in 2003. She didn't panic because she knew what to do if robbed of vital documents and equipment. Consequently the robbers didn't panic and fled. The course had also shown her to be dispassionate about possessions but focussed on safety. Rather than being overly upset about the loss, she was happy to be safe and enjoyed the rest of the trip.

World Trip by Bike
Phil, 23, ( is raising money for charity by cycling round the world. He's taking a risk and wanted to minimise it by being prepared for various worst case scenarios. He's written to us to say that it offered great peace of mind. He's on his way now.

Tanzania - armed raid on a camp
In 2006 a 19 year boy was on a gap year project when the camp he was staying in was raided by armed bandits. Some other travellers tried to resist and were hurt, Mikey remembered what he had learnt on the course, complied with all demands and was unhurt.   

Thank you so much for a fantastic day on Tuesday. A superbly run course and, not only was it great fun, it was far more helpful than I could ever have imagined. You (and your team) have reached a perfect balance between ensuring we are aware of the difficulties and giving us greater confidence to enjoy ourselves. A very important balance because, as you well know, people can swing too far towards either extreme.

Alastiar Dean - Nov 2007
I was fairly cynical about the course (my neurotic mother booked it) but it was fantastic, thank you!

Tess - Jan 2008 
I attended your Gap Year course at the end of June and then went on to travel in Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.
You should know that your tips are invaluable - it's a shame that more people don't get in touch to tell you that after they travel.

Greg Walton - February 2010
I attended one of your courses in January just before leaving to Peru. After 3 months of problem free travel through Bolivia, Chile and Peru, I found myself in a taxi scam in Lima. After gettting into a taxi that we had thought was totally legitimate, we were driven to a secluded area of Lima. The car was then surrounded by 5 men who dragged the four of us who were in the car out onto the street, the taxi drove off immediately with my friend´s bag and we we were left with the men. One friend was punched to the floor and everyone was handled pretty roughly. I luckily had made sure I had nothing but a bit of money on me and I handed this to the man that had grabbed me immediately, I then shouted for everyone to run and after a few minutes of running we found a main road and risked another taxi, who took us home safely.  I just wanted to say thank you, because although it was a traumatic experience I had little on me, I handed whatever I had over immediately, and even had some money hidden elsewhere. I escaped the situation as quickly and as calmly as possible and I don´t think I would have been that calm had I not attended the course. The course is definitely worthwhile and I can reccomend it to everyone that is going travelling. Thanks for all of your help.

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