Travel Safety Essential Kit


Essential Items and Packing List

Equipment and Clothing

Rucksack, 65 litres maximum – Line with strong plastic bag, ideally bigger enough to occasionally fit a daysack in the top.

•    Choose a ruck sack with a number of separate compartments (side pouches and a bottom section) and a useful zipped section at top.
•    Good waist belt & well-padded shoulder straps.
•    Bright colour – more likely to spot it being ‘accidentally’ unloaded from the bus.
•    Strong material.

When packing, we suggest being organised; it will make your life much easier and you will be able to spot things being planted on you. Items you will often use need to be in a compartment that can be easily reached. Stuff sacks are a great way to assist with this.

Objective Gap Safety’s Essential Travel Items Check List:

•    Money belt
•    Day sack: 15-20L max
•    First-aid kit and sterile needle set.
•    Head torch/small torch. The Lifesystems headtorch is recommended.
•    Hats appropriate to environment.
•    Sunglasses.
•    2 x padlocks (for lockers, rucksacks plus small chain – combination lock, not key).
•    Sun cream - with high UVA and UVB protection.
•    Water bottle, perhaps with built-in purification filter) plus purification tablets Water bottle & Water Bottle Purification Cap
•    Penknife/leatherman – make sure it’s not in your hand luggage when flying!
•    Sleeping bag liner - cotton, silk or artificial silk.
•    Travel towel or extra sarongs to use as towel.
•    Mosquito net.
•    Insect repellent – suggest with DEET content of 30-50% or use organic variants e.g. PreVent.
•    Wet wipes/alcohol wipes – keeping hands hygienically clean will prevent diarrhoea.

Useful Items to take when Travelling and Backpacking:

•    Stuff sacks for clothes, gadgets etc.
•    Whistle / Rape alarm.
•    Mug, knife, fork & spoon.
•    Mini binoculars – ideal for birds and wildlife (thoroughly recommended).
•    Compass - if travelling in remote areas.
•    Cagoule/waterproof jacket/poncho.

•    Universal sink plug as all stolen in hostels.

•    Contraceptives.
•    Travel head pillow or empty pillow case - use your clothes to make a pillow.
•    Medical book – Bugs, Bites or Bowels, Traveller’s Health or Rough Guide to Travel Health.
•    Cargo strap to use as safety belt on buses when not provided (often!).
•    Door lock.
•    Travel wash.
•    Tupperware of useful things.
•    Sewing kit.
•    Masking tape.
•    String.
•    Space blanket.
•    Matches.

Travel Electrical Goods:

•    Universal power adaptor.
•    Digital camera.
•    Digital card reader – for ease of uploading photos to the cloud.
•    Mobile phone, Smart phone (wifi in hostels) & perhaps old Nokia for street use.
•    Power Bank - Extra charging device.
•    Solar chargers for mobiles / ipads.

Lightweight Clothes and Footwear:

We suggest only taking the minimum; good, cheap clothes can be bought overseas. If you are going to harsh climates or trekking, then a little more warm clothing may be needed, but layering is the best solution.  on’t take any military style clothing and avoid white clothes (difficult to keep clean).

•    2 x long baggy cotton or linen trousers.
•    2 x cotton long sleeve shirts.
•    A few T-shirts.
•    2 pairs shorts.
•    Sarong or equivalent - (ideal for visiting temples/mosques).
•    Swimwear.
•    Fleece or sweatshirt.
•    1 x non-crease skirt (for the girls).
•    Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, liquid soap/soap in dish, razors).
•    Leggings for girls.

Suggested Comfortable Footwear:

We suggest you are also likely to need:
•    Pair of sturdy footwear. Trainers/Cross trainers or Gore-Tex walking boots.
•    Pair of flip-flops, sandals or sliders (Teva sandals with rear ankles straps are very practical, even if not a fashion item!)
•    Possibly a pair of flat shoes.

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