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Are your Students Prepared for the Challenges of Overseas Travel?

It i s important that teachers within schools and colleges equip their students for the ‘real world’. Our travel and safety awareness training will teach pupils how to 'think and act safe' whilst travelling (overseas or even closer to home). It’s all about being aware of the dangers, identifying situations, knowing how to avoid them and importantly, what to do if it all goes wrong.

Whilst many pupils will leave school with a excellent academic education, they may not be so well prepared for the challenges of overseas travel. Many students will take a gap year or travel before and during university. Our training provides an opportunity to broaden knowledge and awareness of the wider world.

Safety Talks for Schools

At Objective Gap Safety, we provide informative and engaging talks on travel safety to pupils in Years 12 and 13 (6th form). Our talks vary in length and content, depending on the school timetable and the amount of time available; from an hour long talk, for example in a dedicated assembly or enhancing PHSE modules; a one or two hour workshop; a three to four hour shortened version of our acclaimed Gap Year Travel and Safety Training course or alternatively an evening presentation where both pupils and parents attend. Download Talks for Schools Brochure

Virtual Talks for Schools

We can now also offer our School Safety Talks virtually, so whether it's our full virtual course or a shortened, A two-hour condensed session, we can ensure we give your pupils the skills and knowledge they need when preparing to travel abroad.

Gap Fairs and Careers Fairs

As part of our commitment to schools and travel safety, we are very happy to attend Gap Fairs and Careers Fairs and also provide travel safety content for students including content for school newsletters, brochures and posters.

Inspirational Travel Safety Training

Many pupils who are inspired by our talks and go on to attend our one-day Gap Year Travel and Safety course, held in London or Northamptonshire, which give comprehensive advice, information, tips and skills for safe travel whilst abroad. 

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Delivering Informative and Engaging Safety Talks throughout the UK

If you would like to discuss how we can help your school, college, university or youth group with travel safety training and advice, please contact us


"Thank you so much for delivering such a great Travel Safety Workshop on Wednesday evening. The girls thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate the many valuable life lessons they learned".

Catherine Ashworth - Head of Careers / Head of Business, Moreton Hall School


"Charlie’s workshops were extremely helpful for the students looking to take a gap year. They learned how to be safe whilst traveling, as well as practical tips for various countries. When asked for feedback the students said they loved everything about the workshops. Thank you Charlie for taking the time to get to know our students and teach them how to travel safely!"

Tutor, Eton College - Virtual Travel Safety Talk

"Charlie’s Gap Safety Talk has inspired many generations of our students to embrace the positive benefits of taking a gap year, as well as broadening their horizons as to the places they may want to visit. His expertise is legendary amongst our students, who respect completely his views on all aspects of gap year travel, with calm advice on how to stay safe expertly blended with practical advice on how to get the most from the opportunities that will present themselves. His down-to-earth approach and his amazing depth of experience makes this an invaluable part of our pastoral programme and I can’t recommend it too highly."

Ian Edwards, Tudor Hall School

"We've been working with Objective Gap Safety for over 12 years now and they never disappoint. Charlie and his team spend a whole morning with our year 12 and 13 group every year, giving them vital tips and advice on everything from dealing with natural disasters to choosing travelling companions wisely. Their guidance is realistic, relevant and to the point - but at the same time it is imbued with a passion for travel and a desire to inspire our students to be adventurous and see the world....but to do it safely. Students who attended the course in June this year, felt it was one of the most useful presentations they'd ever been involved in and are already planning their gap year trips. Even for students who are planning trips of only a few weeks in duration, this is a brilliant course."

Jan Leeper, Hurstpierpoint College


Charlie delivered an excellent, honest talk on how to stay safe when travelling and gave our students ideas on interesting places to visit. His vast experience of travelling was apparent as he relayed stories and tips which engaged pupils and prompted questioning at the end. The travel safety talk was very interesting and informative, thank you.

Caroline Atkinson, Work Experience and Apprenticeships Officer, Oakham Rutland School

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