The Safety Net

Welcome to the Safety Net, a new concept in travel safety designed to give travellers safety tips and advice from 'the road'. 

It is dependant on sensible feedback from travellers committed to helping others. We hope that it will compliment other sources of information such as that provided by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), guidebooks and gap year providers. We really want travellers to feed in tips and advice as a result of their ongoing travels or reflections on recent experiences.

We are keen that there is a safety or practical theme to advice and not just tips on good beaches or places to drink! The sort of practical feedback might be an article highlighting the need to avoid a certain types of taxi, for example, being overcharged in Bogota's Ornage taxis. So often the same scam is repeated so alerting fellow travellers woudl be very helpful.

On a positive note, if you have had a great experience on a safe and reliable bus in Peru, please do log the information on to the Safety Net so others can benefit. To give some ideas of the sort of contributions which might be helpful:

  • Areas prone to crime.
  • Recent scams.
  • Safe hostels/guest houses where you felt very happy to use their safes/store kit.
  • Disease alerts.
  • Taxi/buses to avoid or alternatively ones you would recommend. 

How to do it: Simply register on the site (navigation bar at top of this page), you will be asked to enter your details and select a password. Once confirmation email received, (process desgined to minimise spamming) you can log on to the site. 

Select your continent, scroll down to bottom of page where you will find a posting form. You can also upload a picture if you'd like too.

Please spread the word. Due to Covid-19 we are short of recent posts and any related to Covid entry requirements - what actually happens on the ground, would be most helpful. 

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