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Fiji:  increased cases of Dengue Fever
India: Flooding in Chennai & pollution in Delhi
Thailand: Flooding in many areas
Honduras: Electons on 26th November
India; Significant incases of Dengue Fever in southern states
Bali: Volcanic activity prompts evacuations around Mount Agung
Turkey: US government issues security warning
Colombia: ELN rebel group announces temporary ceasefire
Myanmar: Over 300,000 Rohingya flee violence in Rakhine state
India/ Nepal: Severe flooding in many places including around Mumbai
Brazil: Further anti government protests expected
Venezuela: Further anti govenrment protests planned.
Kenya: severe drought affecting much of the country
Sri Lanka: Outbreak of Dengue Fever
Brazil: Yellow Fever outbreak in Minas Gerais
SE Asia: Increase in cases of Dengue Fever across the region
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South East Asia

Most travellers have a fun and safe time in SE Asia, the area has huge opportunitites. Parts, especially in Thailand are overflowing with travellers so one has to make a bit more of and effort to get off the beaten track and explore the unspoilt areas.  During 2016 there was an increase in the cases of Dengue Fever across the region and this is being repeated in 2017. Dengue is casued by day biting mosquitoes. Both Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam have seen a very significant increase in the number of reported cases of Dengue Fever, as at August 2017 Vietnam have reported over 90,000, a 67% increase compared to 2016. Covering up and using insect repellant with 50% DEET is a good precaution. Chikungunya Fever is also a risk, bite avoidance, is once again the key.

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Indian Sub Continent

Key Safety Points for travelling India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma) & Nepal. The greatest risk are from road traffic accidents and getting sick, especailly in India. Contracting Dengue Fever is certainly a risk in many parts, use insect repellant with 50% DEET to reduce the risk. In the winter months pollution is a serious probelms in the big cites of India and seems to be getting only worse.  India, Nepal and Bangladesh have experience very bad Monsoon flooding in August and September 2017 with over 1200 dead. Heavy rain in November  2017 is causing flooding in Chennai.

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The Middle East

Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Jordan, Iran & Libya

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Central And South America

The best bits of Latin America are the rural areas. The topography and environment is diverse, there are many cultural and historical differences and most gappers have a superb time. Our rural highlights would be the Pantanal in Brazil, the Andes, Chile's Atacama Desert, Patagonia, the Chilean and Argentinian Lake District. Of the big cities Rio, BA, Medellin and Cartegna are great fun and rewarding but its important to prepared for higher levels of crime than in Europe.

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Travelling Africa

Africa is a less popular travel destination but offers huge opportunities.  Many counties in North and Central Africa should not be visited due to security issues.

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Dengue Fever, Zika & Chikungunya Fever

 In South America, Central America and South East Asia Dengue Fever is a persistent threat & now Chikungunya in spreading into Central & South America. Zika is now spreading across much of South America, especailly in Brazil.

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South Island New Zealand

First visit to South Island New Zealand and some thougths on Wanaka, Queenstown, Milford Sound and Kaikoura.

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Colombia Nov 2016

In the middle of November 2016 I returned to Colombia for the first time since 1990. The country has clearly had a torrid last two decades (well really five), just mentioning it’s name prompt comments about Pablo Escobar, rebel gangs and a generally thoroughly dangerous place. Happily things are improving, Escobar met a sticky end in a roof top shoot out in 1993 and from the turn of the century President Uribe took on the rebel groups, principally the FARC and ELN

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travelling in Iran

I have just returned from 10 wonderful days travelling in Iran. Whilst it may be slightly off the beaten track for a gap year traveller, I joined my son and two friends who are driving from London to Beijing on their gap year. Iran is also a popular destination for many people doing the Mongol Rally.  Below are my thoughts on the country and some practical advice.

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