Concerned Parents

The thought of a teenager preparing to depart on an exciting, adventurous year out travelling or gap year, whether travelling or backpacking with friends or on their own, will inevitably cause mixed emotions for many parents. Whether they are Interrailing through Europe or backpacking in South East Asia or Australia, our acclaimed Gap Year Travel Safety Course will equip the young traveller with all the necessary tools and skills needed for a safe and fun time away. It can also reassure worried and anxious parents that their son or daughter has had some help to negotiate the challenges that may lie ahead. 

During the day, we will cover some important issues such as travelling companions, local laws and customs, environment issues (are they going to an earthquake zone?), and the dangers from drugs abroad.

The three main risks to travellers are: Crime, Sickness and Road Traffic Accidents (RTA's) and all of these will be covered in detail  in order to minimise the risks. In addition, whilst very unlikely to occur, we will also cover the extremes such as acts of terrorism and kidnapping.

It is worth noting that after 15 years of running the Gap Year Travel and Safety course, we have found that boys generally get into more trouble, particularly from crime, than girls. 

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