Have you ever asked yourself; How do I spot a Tsunami?

Where is the best place to move in a terrorist attack? What is express kidnapping and am I a target? Do I know the signs and symptoms of Sepsis? We answer these and so many more important questions on our one-day Gap Year Travel and Safety Course.

So why do you need to go on a Gap Year Travel and Safety Awareness course?

We often hear that it is parents who want you to come along to our course, giving them peace of mind that you’ll be safe and know what to do if things do go wrong on your gap year. And,we'll be honest, some young travellers are resistant to attend at the outset, however, we find they leave the fact-filled, iinteractive day, not only thoroughly enjoying it, but actually enthused, excited and equipped with all the knowledge to make their time away even more enjoyable and above all able to travel safely. (We’ve even had feedback that we’ve saved lives too!)

So what does the Gap Year Travel Safety course involve?

  • It’s not a lecture, we make it a fun and enjoyable.
  • It’s not a classroom, it’s a small group, maximum 12 people at Troubadour Café near Earl's Court, London or Virtually (online via Zoom).
  • Training is a mix of scenario role play, (which everyone enjoys), videos, demonstrations and discussions.
  • There’s an emergency medical session, it is a hands-on session that can really make a difference when travelling.
  • We discuss diseases (malaria, dengue-fever, yellow fever, rabies etc.) how to avoid them and what to do in an emergency.
  • We can advise you what to pack, what to take (and suggest a few luxury items too!).
  • What to do in an emergency; who to contact in the country you’re visiting. How to get a replacement passport (explaining how not to lose it in the first place!)
  • Money; how much, how to carry it and what you’re likely to spend in hostels, meals and days out.
  • Safety in hostels, safe travel in taxis, trains and buses.
  • We can even advise you on the best places to go whilst travelling and we can help with planning routes too.
  • Gender Safety; During the session there is a separate girls talk (delivered by Looby) and a boys talk (delivered by Charlie).

Above all, we teach you the knowledge to get off the beaten track and explore.


YOUR gap year is all about YOU, we want you to enjoy it, stay safe and make the most of your trip.

Did you know we’ve trained over 6,000 young travellers and we’re very proud of the fantastic feedback. Why not see what some attendees actually said before you decide.

It’s not just a travel safety course, it’s a course for life

“I was fairly cynical about the course (my neurotic mother booked it) but it was fantastic”  Alastair Dean

“I had an absolutely brilliant day with you guys and learnt so much - so inspiring!, will definitely be recommending to my other friends!! Keep up the amazing work!  Simone Feilberg-Nielsen

Travelling with friends?

We do recommend you come to the gap year travel safety course with the friends you are travelling with, same course or a different day, that’s totally up to you. It will ensure that if things do go wrong, you’ll all know what to do.

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