Water Purifier Bottle

Top Selling Product

The ultimate water purifier. A personal water purifier and filter in a water bottle.  Great tasting, safe drinking water anywhere.

Fill the 75cl bottle from any fresh water source (tap, pond, puddle, lake, river etc.) and you will be able to drink safe, palatable drinking water, instantly.  You can therefore drink from any hotel tap or restaurant / bar even if you don't completely trust the public water.  

The purifier will treat an average of 350 litres of contaminated water and will remove viruses, bacteria and parasites and other contaminates. It has been independently tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

On the average use of the bottle, the water works out as costing just 11.4p per litre and saves 700 x 500ml plastic water bottles from our seas and landfill! If the water is not heavily contaminated, this bottle will purify more than 350 litres.

  • Uses no chemicals
  • Instant safe drinking water
  • Produces microbiologically safe water

A must have product for the gap year traveller and a back-packers essential.  It's our top selling product for good reason. 

Price: £39.00
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