Objective Travel Safety Terms & Conditions


Objective Travel Safety has created the Safety Net in order to assist travellers abroad on matters of Safety. The terms of use for Objective and contribritors have purposely been kept short and are as follows:

  1. All contribrutions to the Safety Net are to be made in the best interest of other travellers and the contributor is to make every effort to make their submission as accurate and as timely as possible. 
  2. Contributors will not be liable or be made accountable for their contributions.
  3. Objective Travel Safety Ltd will not be held liable or hold others liable for any materials loaded onto the site but will make every effort to review  and verify the contents of the Safety Net area of the Objective Gap Safety web site.         
  4. Objecitve Travel Safety Ltd has the right to alter and amend the contents of any contribution if they feel that the language, contect, tone etc is not appropriate to the site.
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