University and Year Out Abroad


University and Year Abroad

Taking a placement year abroad or planning to travel during your University holidays?

Just a few simple tips and tricks learnt from our course could make the difference of it being a ‘trip of a lifetime’ to a disasterous experience and returning home early.

Being Prepared

Dealing with problems in a foreign country can be very different from the UK. Would you know:

  • When to go to the local hospital (and which one?) or the local doctor for treatment or advice?
  • What to do if you are mugged in Brazil?
  • How to stay safe at a Full Moon Party?
  • What would you do if your bag has been tampered with then it arrives off the carousel at the airport?
  • What would you do if caught up in a terrorist attack?
  • How to save a life in a road traffic accident (RTA) emergency? 

Whether we’re teaching journalists, The Long Way Round crew or young travellers, we provide an essential ‘tool kit’ so that it doesn’t end in disaster.

By discussing scenarios, you will be ready for every eventuality. We cover these questions and so many more on our one-day Gap Year Travel and Safety course.  And it’s not just for those on a gap year, our course is just as valuable for those at university, those taking a placement year or taking a year out abroad.

Why should you book our Gap Year Travel and Safety course?

Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, it’s a day where you’ll not only be able to recognise the signs from what’s going on around you, but what to do if caught up in a dangerous situation. It’s fun, interactive and you’ll meet like-minded travellers on a year out or university holiday and learn from their experiences too. 

We teach and encourage you to get off the beaten track and really explore, with the knowledge that you know how to stay safe and importantly know what to do, if it all goes wrong.

It can even put your parents’ mind at rest too, now that really is worth doing!

So why not join us on our next course, there are lots of dates to choose from so take your pick.

 See what other University students have said about our safety training:

… I attended your brilliant Objective Gap Year Safety Course but crucially, my travelling partner had not. This all came to the fore in March when we were mugged late in the evening on a street in Durban.  We made several mistakes that evening (all of which I was told about on the course).

The one mistake I made, of course, was not to be more forceful with my companion about the knowledge I had learnt about situations about this. But with the Police at the top of the street, he could not understand what the danger was and I was reluctant to get into an argument.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I believe we would never have got into trouble if my travelling companion had done the course as well. Everyone in the travelling party should do the Objective Gap Safety course!”  Ed Cubitt

Not just a travel safety course... a course for life

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