Travel Safety for Young Travellers

The purpose of the Gap Year Safety Training course is to give the inexperienced, young traveller the confidence to maximise their opportunities whilst travelling abroad. Whether backpacking around Thailand or Inter-railing around Europe, travelling independently or with a Gap Year Provider, we positively encourage all of them to get off the beaten track’ as often as they can as it’s the popular places where there is the greatest threat of crime and general hassle. As well as covering safety issues, we will give advice on where and when to travel and provide sources of useful, current information.   

Gap Year Travel Safety Course

The course will help the young traveller get focused on his or her destinations, give advice on the practical matters such as what to take, how much money they might expect to need and sources of help abroad. Above all, we will teach situational awareness so that they can make their own judgment about unfolding events and more importantly about people they meet along the way.

It’s a fun and interactive day that has received very positive feedback and testimonials over the years. 

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