Kenya | TravelBilly Aldous | 19 Mar 2021

I spent 4 months in kenya and got to know the public transport very well by the end of it. Initially i was pretty hesitant to using it, mainly the matatus as warned as a mzungu (white man) they can be pretty full on and not necessarily recommended. However, they are extremely cheap and a very good way of getting round. I never had an issue with them but make sure you have your phone close and not too near the windows as stories of people leaning in and grabbing phones and wallets. Also make sure you don't pay them until you are mid journey - there are scammers who demand the fare price from windows and when getting on the matatu but dont! The trains are also a good experience and much more comfortable mode of transport - very cheap also - 1000 bob first class from nairobi to Nanyuki. Boda bodas (motorbikes) are a good way of getting round especially for shorter journies and within Nairobi.

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