Colombia | Tips for hostels in ColombiaOlivia Mills | 17 May 2023


Casa vejhas - destination hostel that is STUNNING and secluded. Definitely do a good few days here if you wanna chill. 

Super chilled and zen place with great food and beautiful walks all around it in the jungle

Infinity pool with an incredible view of the jungle all the way down to Santa Marta 

Book early 


El Rio - a destination hostel/ party hostel

It’s on the Minca River bank and there are loads of activities you can do in the day.

You’ll probably spend a decent amount of cash here - you get a wrist band that you use to add everything to your tab.

If you want party vibes it’s a good one to stay at. A lot of techno on the weekends…

Book early


Costenio Beach

There are about 9 hostels up the beach that you can stay at which are all destination hostels but you can walk up the beach to all of them

Costenio beach hostel - party hostel

The coco lemonade is amazing

Bohemia hostel - apparently a bit more chill and also nice

Book early 


If you keep going up back costenio beach and El Rio you come to some more seculded villages and the desert which is meant to be amazing.


Tyrona Park

Playa Brava hostel - destination hostel that’s very secluded (this and Minca were my favourite places)

1.5/2 hour trek through the jungle and probably my favourite place on the trip. 100% worth the trek and make sure you stay there a good few days and have cash! 

You need to get to the park entrance before 12pm

Book early to get a hut and a bed, if not you can sleep in hammocks but I’d still book to be safe



La poplado (more western area and a bit more expensive than other areas of Minca - has an LA feel to it)

  • la causa (banging restaurant - Japanese Colombian fusion) 
  • Criminal Taqueria (Mexican)
  • Olivia (Italian)
  • Alama cafe (breakfast/lunch/coffee)
  • Urbania cafe (breakfast/lunch/coffee)
  • Masaya Medellin - hostel (soho house vibes) has a roof top pool and bar, escape room (lol)

Stay near the football statuim if you want a more authentic experience of the city

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