Argentina | Cash-In-Country Will Payne | 19 Jun 2023

 1. Before flying don't get over excited and withdraw too much Pesos. You will get more value for money when trading in country. I would recommend withdrawing between $30,000-40,000 pesos. This should cover your taxi ride from the international airpot and your first meal or two. 

2. Set up a Western Union account as soon as your arrive. They have a handy app on your phone which makes setting up an account quick and painless. To withdraw funds on the blue market rate this is the only methods of doing so. Having just returned from travels in early June, the official FX rate was £1 = $215 pesos. Through using Western Union we got £1 = $625 pesos. 

3. Food and Local produce are extremely cheap but any goods that have to be imported have a serious mark up. If you need to replace items or buy new items think seriously before you purchase. 

4. It is a wise idea to buy a money bag or a cross sling fanny pack to carry your valuables in. When leaving your accomodation at the start of the day I would say bring between $20,000 - $30,000 pesos. This should cover you for eating out and navigating around if in BA. 

5. USD. I took out some US Dollar before travelling but never found myself reaching for it to pay for anything. It is handy to have a small amount in case of emergency but really Pesos is king. 

6. Using card. You are able to get a good market rate on your cards. When using Lloyds or American Express we were able to get £1 = $512 pesos but be careful of bank charges. 

Charlie McGrath 01 Dec 2023

 Recent reports from friends suggest using $100 notes provides the best exchange rate - make sure the notes are in prime condition 

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