Bolivia | Rurrenbaque, 3 Day Pampus Tour.Rory McGrath | 24 Feb 2011

Rurrenbaque is NW of La Paz it is a 20 hour bus journey (GBP 7) or a 45 min flight (GBP 100 return). We took a bus, and it was crazy, you go on the end part of the Death Road. It is wider then the part that you bike down. But only just (a foot either side) At one point on the trip the road drops to 20 feet above the river, when we passed this point we saw a bus that has rolled into the river (we reackon about 30 min before we arrived), there where people being pulled out. Mad. A good experience to do.

The Pampus is the low lands of the jungle. You have to go on a 3 Day Pampus tour, it is amazing value and you do loads. You stay on raised huts just off the river. You see crocodiles, monkeys. parrots, tocons, dolphins, turtiles, birds etc  You hunt for anacondas. You travel on long, narrow boats around all the rivers.

It is a must do if you go to Bolivia.  Hunt for a good price we paid 450 Bolivianos each.

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