Colombia | Carrying passport when travelling even on day tripsSam Lebus | 24 Feb 2015

 We left our hostel for a day trip and one of us didn't have our passport. Only getting an hour bus so thought we wouldn't need it. However bus was stopped at a check point and everyone asked to show ID. When they found out one of us didn't have one, we were taken off the bus and questioned. Their issue with you not having it is that you can show evidence of immigration. So at points they said they wanted to take us back to Bogata to fly to England. 

We felt as if they were waiting for a bribe but after 30 mins of disscussing/arguing they got fed up and put us back on the bus.

Just a heads up so that you can avoid problems or possible payments.

Charlie McGrath 13 Nov 2016

Sam is correct, today I have had to show my passport 3 times, including when entering a butterfly house! So whilst I generally do not like to walk around with a passport one needs to in Colombia. After all the trouble with FARC and ELN there are police everywhere and alot of the roads have checkpoints. Its not a worry, they are very friendly!

Charlie McGrath 20 Nov 2016

Following my early comment, I have since had a meeting with the British Consualte in Bogota. They agreee that idealy one should carry ones passport. However if you are out on a day trip & its not practical (white water rafting etc) to carry passport or perhaps just going around the corner for a meal that you should leave the passort locked up.  They suggest having an Jpeg image of the information page of your passport + an image of your entry stamp on your mobile. This is acceptable to the tourist police and should be ok for other police forces. 

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