Guatemala | Hostel recommendations Tilly Rigby | 18 Jul 2017

I highly recommend the Doozy Koala Hostel. It's very new (2months when we were there) but Cody (an aussie) the owner is the best. It's very safe - has a kitchen, bar, lockers and nice beds. He's very welcoming and, best of all, has very strong links with equally fun hostels The Driftwood Surfer, el paredon and Hostel Fe, San Pedro la Laguna (lake atitlan). From the Doozy you must do the Acatenango Volcano hike. It's hard, cold and potentially wet BUT you won't see anything like it. Fuego erupting at 4am and every 10-15mins after is crazy. Cody will prepare you for the hike as well. Then from Doozy you can see Hobbitenango - above Antigua. Who wouldn't want to have a beer in a hobbit village? Also Guatemala is pretty cheap - hostels average around 60-70Q which is about £6-7.

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