Bolivia | Mine Tours Rory McGrath | 03 Feb 2011

If you are staying in Potosi, you must go on a Mine tour. You go down a working mine and it only costs 8 pounds. It is from 9am to 1pm. You see the conditions the Miners work in, you go down a 100 m. As you walk along the tunnels at times you have to hop off the track as carts are coming out and in of the mine being pushed my the men. You can hear them blowing stuff up beneath you. It is a great experience and you get to meet the miners as well. Dont book it through your hostel even if it is a few quid cheaper. We went with Greengo Tours, they provided all the kit and transport.

Charlie McGrath 26 Mar 2011

I recently did the tour with La Casona hostal which was also good. The tour are NOT for the faint hearted, its hot, cramped and to be honest not very safe (despite tour operators best efforts its a hazardous environment. If going on La Casona tour ensure the guide doesnt light the dynamite  safety fuse ( 4 mins burning time) in front of you. He did this with us until told to stop arsing around and put it down the detonation tunnel, as one day it will end in disaster.   

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