Argentina | Money TipsRupert Woods | 25 Jan 2024

You need to create a Western Union account for money withdrawal. Super easy to do and then send the money to yourself to collect at local branch. If in doubt ask someone at hostel to help. Make sure you bring your passport with you as they need identification. Cambio (black market) has been a little broken since new President so you will get a worst rate than through Western Union. If you do use Cambio they are everywhere but will only accept 100 dollar notes and make sure they give you a rate of about $1 to 900/1000 pesos. Anything less is a rip off. Cash points are bad here (can only take out 10,000 pesos at a time) and will be charged 8,500 pesos on top. Use a Monzo or Chase card (incredible exchange rate). Since Milei has been huge inflation so more expensive than it was a couple of months ago but still relatively cheap (£2/3 for a beer, £4 for a sandwich and chips, £7 for a pizza). 

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