Argentina | Retiro Bus Station TrickIzzie Stopford | 18 May 2011

Retiro Bus Station in Buenos Aires is reknowned for being dangerous.  A group of people tried a trick out on us, similar to the spitting-on-your-shoulder trick we (two 18 year old girls) had sun cream squirted on the back of our backpacks as we walked from the metro to the bus station.  One by one different people walked past us trying to alert us very dramatically and exaggeratedly to the mess.  The intention was that we look round and they nab what they can from the rest of our fronts/side.  The next part involves `a cute little old lady` who just happens to have napkins trying to allure us somewhere private where undoubtedly we would have been mugged by the rest of the `team`.  If anything like this happens continue as if you know where you`re going and clean yourselves up when you are somewhere safe.  We were told that they followed us all the way in to the bus station and we only lost them when we went through departure doors. 

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