Vietnam | Transport offersLouise Gillman-Wells | 02 Aug 2011

There are known scam taxis and known honest taxi firms in Vietnam, ask the hostel or hotel you are staying at which are safe to use. If you don't know which ones are safe, get in and immediately set and agree the price, generally a 15min journey should cost about 70 000 dong, about $3.50. Mailinh is always a good firm to use anywhere and in Hanoi the Hanoi Tourist company is a good one too.

As for strange men on motorbikes, you will get many offers which are cheap for them to transport you around, don't accept these as you will most likely be taken somewhere remote and have your money and things taken under force and possibly violence. Recently a girl accepted to take one of these bikes and ended up at gun point and was forced to give all her money over, luckily she was ok after that.

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