Myanmar | General PointsCharlie McGrath | 11 Feb 2019

Myanmar is much less busy than Thailand, Vietnam etc. Its very safe - the areas in conflict such as Rakhine are out of bounds to foriegners. The people are delightful and due to the Rakhine conflict tourist numbers are down so the locals are delighted to see travellers.  Some general points:

  • ATMs now fairly common
  • Best rate of exchange is with $100 bills in v good condition. Slightly less good rate for $50 bills
  • Don't touch peole heads or have your feet facing people
  • Many people speak English and all are delightful
  • Trains are fun, old and slow but cheap and great way to see daily life
  • e bikes are a good fun way to get around the temples in Bagan - but wear helmets on the road
  • Read up about Aung San Suu Kyi (known locally as the Lady) and the role of the military in governing Myanmar
  • Its slightly more expensive than Thailand & Vietnam - a bed in a hostel dormitory will be around $13-15, a private room around $30
  • Access to southern areas of Dawei & Myeiko can be done via road crossing from Thialand - popular backpacking route & then north to Mawlamyine & beyond. Very unspoilt. At the southern crossing point Kawthoung in Myanmar and Ranong in Thailand you can cross with an e-visa for Myanmar  

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